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    Tapa Tapa (巴塞羅那)
    Passeig de Gràcia, 44
    934 88 33 69
    Tapa Tapa (Passeig de Gracia)笑臉2013-10-18
    When it comes to Spain, everybody will say Tapas is a must try. So Mum and I did some research beforehand we found out that this Tapa Tapa Tapas Bar is quite popular and it was very near to the hotel we are staying at. Therefore we decided to go there and grab something to fill ... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Wok Yutaka (巴塞羅那)
    Carrer del Rosselló, 307, 08037 Barcelona
    934 58 04 94
    All you can eat Seafood for less than 10 euros! 笑臉2013-10-18
    There are plenty of all you can eat chinese buffet restaurants in Barcelona. Before visiting any, I have been doing research and I got my eyes on this Wok Yutaka Buffet Restaurant as the reviews on the internet is quite impressing.

    The restaurant and buffet area ia actually quite... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Granja La Pallaresa (巴塞羅那)
    Calle Petritxol, 11, 08002 Barcelona
    Indulge yourself at Granja la Pallaresa哭臉2013-10-18
    If you want to enjoy a cup of delicious, traditional Spanish hot chocolate and churros, Granja la Pallaresa is a must visit place.

    Spanish hot chocolate and churros are traditional food that Spanish people eat for breakfast where everyone dips their churros into the chocolate to ta... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Panelles Donat (巴塞羅那)
    Portal de l'Àngel 27 08002 Barcelona
    93 317 34 39
    Coming only for the CONEok喇2013-10-18
    Panelles Donat seems very famous for its nougats and icecream.

    And for me, of course I am only coming for the icecream. Their icecream is comparatively the cheapest in town where they only charge 1.50 euros for one scoop. And for that one scoop, you can select 2 flavours and they will com... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Dino Gelato (巴塞羅那)
    They are all over the place!
    Stickiest Gelato in Town笑臉2013-10-18
    Not a huge fan of desserts and cakes, I can just never resist icecreams, gelatos, frozen yoghurts.

    In Barcelona, Gelaterias are all over the place, especially along La Rambla. They even sell them in Boqueria! You can get them for as cheap as 1.90 euros per scoop at a store on L... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    llaollao (巴塞羅那)
    C/ Boters, 8, Barcelona, Catalunya, España
    Cutest Froyo on Earth!笑臉2013-10-18
    This Petitllao served in llaollao frozen yoghurt place only costed 1 euro! If you want extra toppings on top, you only need to pay 50c extra. And look how cute it is...

    The yoghurt is just tart enough to my likings. It is not icy at all and it does not melt easily. It works best fo... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Avinova Selecció (巴塞羅那)
    Mercat de Sant Josep (La Boqueria) 703 - 707 08001 Barcelona
    933 01 13 37
    Gourmet Croquettes n' Duck Ham!笑臉2013-10-18
    Usually in any tapas bar, you will find our Spanish Croquettes. The most common ones are Spanish cured ham, cheese flavours, and sometimes you do see some special ones like Roast Chicken ones in Tapas 24, Smoked Salmon ones in Ciudad Condal, etc.

    But in this little ... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Kiosko Universal, S.L. (巴塞羅那)
    B1 Mercat de la Boqueria, Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona
    (34)93 317 82 86
    Grilled Mixed Seafood - the best in town!笑臉2013-10-18
    Almost every tourist knows the fame of the seafood served in Mercat de la Boqueria. I personally would like to recommand this seafood bar Kiosko Universal, S.L. . It is very easy to find because it is on the far left aisle if you are entering Boqueria from La Rambla. They serve a... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Restaurante Casa Silvano Maracaibo (西班牙)
    Paseo Ezequlel Gonzalez, 25, 40002 Segovia

    旅行中又餓又發燒, 隨便走入最近巴士站的一間餐廳, 點知原來係米芝蓮2013 recommend 的店舖! 去到西班牙乳豬 (suckling pig)發源地, 當然一入去就要叫來試試. 嘩, 一試難忘….. 呢隻豬手皮脆肉軟又多汁. 再加上仲有少少肥肉還在裡面, 好rich 好好食!食完即刻叉返電去遊覽! 加上佢只係EUR21 一份, 亦唔係好...

    [ 更多 ]
    fiyofiyo (共2篇遊記)

    Bar Casa Jose (格拉納達)
    Granada, Calle Navas
    試試西班牙肉類的一晚, 普普通通吧ok喇2013-10-07


    今次係酒店樓下的餐廳叫了一個雜扒餐。有牛扒,羊扒,豬扒,幾種唔同既香腸。2人份量好大碟 EUR 28 價錢都OK. 食到好飽.

    西班牙既特別之處 (好處)就係入餐廳食野永遠送前菜! 是次前菜就係黑毛豬+香腸+小食。唔洗extra cost,  食得特別...

    [ 更多 ]
    fiyofiyo (共2篇遊記)