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    Panelles Donat (巴塞羅那)
    Portal de l'Àngel 27 08002 Barcelona
    93 317 34 39
    Coming only for the CONEok喇2013-10-18
    Panelles Donat seems very famous for its nougats and icecream.

    And for me, of course I am only coming for the icecream. Their icecream is comparatively the cheapest in town where they only charge 1.50 euros for one scoop. And for that one scoop, you can select 2 flavours and they will com... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Dino Gelato (巴塞羅那)
    They are all over the place!
    Stickiest Gelato in Town笑臉2013-10-18
    Not a huge fan of desserts and cakes, I can just never resist icecreams, gelatos, frozen yoghurts.

    In Barcelona, Gelaterias are all over the place, especially along La Rambla. They even sell them in Boqueria! You can get them for as cheap as 1.90 euros per scoop at a store on L... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    llaollao (巴塞羅那)
    C/ Boters, 8, Barcelona, Catalunya, España
    Cutest Froyo on Earth!笑臉2013-10-18
    This Petitllao served in llaollao frozen yoghurt place only costed 1 euro! If you want extra toppings on top, you only need to pay 50c extra. And look how cute it is...

    The yoghurt is just tart enough to my likings. It is not icy at all and it does not melt easily. It works best fo... [ 更多 ]
    CherriehuiCherriehui (共6篇遊記)

    Amorino Gelato (巴塞羅那)
    在La Rambla 近廣場段
    我太太是雪糕愛好者,但小弟就一般。今次在巴塞隆那的三天裡面,可以話係食咗我全年所食雪糕份量嘅總和!而其中8成都係在呢間雪糕店食的!!! [ 更多 ]
    OldleoOldleo (共8篇遊記)