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    Le Jeroboam (巴黎)
    72, rue Didot 75014 Paris
    +33 01 45 39 39 13

    Le Jeroboam係一間warm & cozy的餐廳,環境舒適雅緻,不過唔覺有冷氣,啱啱入去會有d熱。侍應生親切有禮,屬於值得給小費的程度。坐低之... [ 更多 ]
    屈米米屈米米 (共2篇遊記)

    Dalloyau Salon de thé (巴黎)
    Bastille 5, boulevard Beaumarchais - 75004 Paris M Bastille
    01 45 77 84 27
    Original Inventor of the Opera Cake.笑臉2013-01-28
    Dalloyau is one of the most oldest and traditional style French food shops dating back to 1682,  but seems to have dropped off the radar or lost its lustre during recent years.  They’re not making much noise lately.  Yet, they continue to garner a big following in it’s Japan outle... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Jacques Genin (巴黎)
    133, rue de Turenne 75003
    Jacques Genin is about being a Perfectionist笑臉2013-01-21
     I have wanted to check out this place since it opened just from a few years back but felt sick and stayed mostly in the hotel.  Please be warned 1stly,  the Opening Hours googled online don’t really reflect the true opening hours, sigh.  I found out the hard way but luckily ... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Sadaharu Aoki (巴黎)
    25 Rue Pérignon, 75015 Paris, France
    Nice Matcha Eclair and Apple Tea笑臉2013-01-20
    Mr Sadaharu Aoki from Japan first opened his first patisserie in France.  For a Japanese Pastry Chef he didn’t seem at all putting up a direct challenge with the local Frenchies.  He is doing very well actually,  on an earlier visit to his Paris store,   I swore he ma... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Creperie Suzette (巴黎)
    117 Boulevard de Grenelle 75015 Paris France
    Bretagne Crepesok喇2013-01-20
    Owner of Creperie Suzette is from Brittany,  and her shop sits alongside a more local area next to the Metro station of Le Motte Picquet – Grenelle.  This area is usually off limits to tourists but since my friend lived in the area and also because the best Sad... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    La Maison Angelina (巴黎)
    226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
    Hot Chocolate, Chestnut Cake and Eclair笑臉2013-01-20
    Angelina in Paris is of Austrian origins but nevertheless is one of the must visit institutions much like the lauded Laduree.   I haven’t been back here for too many years and last time I walked by I was preparing to have a big meal at Le Meurice next door,  so this time around I... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Le Frenier a Pain (巴黎)
    A Famous Good Lemon Tart and Croissaint笑臉2013-01-20
       This boulagerie shop in Montmartre near Sacre Coeur has won a 1st Prize for both their Baguettes as well as their Croissants in Paris.  The shop has roughly 30 outlets in Europe all the way to Tokyo.   The locals who live in this area and queuing in line with me to... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Cafe Pouchkine (巴黎)

    第五日. 之前一日0係Au Printemps買咗件cake, 留返做今日既早餐. 細細件要成7,90€, 唔平呀. 間店叫Café Pouchkine, 買呢件係因為睇中佢話有茉莉味, 查實有鬼咩, 只係朱古力蛋糕夾一層梅子果醬. 味道都唔錯, 今次旅程我食過既法國cakes水準都好好. 唯一係外層塊朱古力片唔夠香滑, 唔係就perfect喇.

    [ 更多 ]
    MLKMMLKM (共29篇遊記)

    Le Train Bleu (巴黎)

    行咗一陣我地就開始去食晚飯. 呢間餐廳叫Le Train Bleu, 位於火車站Gare du Lyon裏邊, 好易搵, 亦都係一間百年老字號了, Mr. Bean電影版都0係度取過景呢. 環境超靚, 金碧輝煌到差 d以為自己坐0係凡爾賽宮享受晚宴.

    先來麵包. 侍應拎住一籃麵包俾我地揀, 有原味, 黑麥同橄欖麵包三款. 我要咗原味...

    [ 更多 ]
    MLKMMLKM (共29篇遊記)

    Laduree (巴黎)

    行街時買咗Laduree的Macarons 做宵夜, 分別係朱古力, 咖啡, 櫻花同玫瑰味. 8個要大約13€, 好似同Pau Lafayet價錢差唔多? 外皮輕巧, 帶微微杏仁香, 四款中以朱古力最美味, 內裏朱古力餡極香濃又creamy. 咖啡同玫瑰次之, 都好好味, 玫瑰味清幽唔會令人覺得嗒緊香水咁. 櫻花味其實即是車厘子味, 酸酸甜甜咁, 無咩特...

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    MLKMMLKM (共29篇遊記)