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    Fat Duck (英格蘭)
    全歐洲菜Fusion 菜西餐廳
    人氣餐廳, 如置身魔術變演ok喇2009-11-11


    預約絕對是 一個Highlight. 朋友在一月時開始預約。 由早上十時開始一直撥打四小時,幸好公司有”重撥”功能。一天又一天, Fat duck 的電話永遠是 ”繁忙中”。我開始感受到三星的氣勢了。店子只能容納40人,星期一休息,星期日是不做晚市的。這或許讓香港的食肆明白不是一年開三百六十 五...

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    gelgel (共1篇遊記)

    Binks - Restaurant & Coffee Shop (英格蘭)
    First English Breakfast笑臉2009-07-19
    We had our first English breakfast in Bath. A traditional English breakfast contains fried eggs, fried bacon, baked beans, toast, hash brown, sausages, grilled tomato etc.

    I was nearly black-out without anything into my stomach in the morning. This breakfast filled up my energy bar in... [ 更多 ]
    FurnaceFurnace (共4篇遊記)

    Zero Degrees (英格蘭)
    53 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BA
    When British meets Italian笑臉2009-07-15
    It was a Saturday. The weather was mild with abundant sunlight. Our activities were mainly within the heart of Bristol. Fresh air was free and of unlimited supply from the trees. Birds chirping were also free of charge. We walked down the Perry Road and enjoyed the colourful small hous... [ 更多 ]
    FurnaceFurnace (共4篇遊記)

    Dynasty (Fine Chinese Cuisine) (英格蘭)
    16A, St. Thomas Street, Bristol BS1 6II, Bristol

    在英國食唐餐,好多... [ 更多 ]
    FurnaceFurnace (共4篇遊記)

    Harvester Pub and Grill (英格蘭)
    207 Frenchay Park Road, Frenchay, Bristol BS16 1LF
    First "fish & chips"ok喇2009-07-13
    It's a Friday night and i had the very first English fish & chips. Harvester is a popular chain pub & grill in England. There are already three shops near Bristol.
    The British are famous for his sense of humour. But without beer, they might be as monotonous as the Germans, b'coz ... [ 更多 ]
    FurnaceFurnace (共4篇遊記)