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    共找到 6 項資料 ,正顯示第 1 至 6 項資料
    Xian Fan Chuang (陝西)
    Dong Dai Jia
    Typical Shaanxi Mealok喇2009-11-25
    This restaurant is recommended by the tourist board and many guide books. It is within a Chinese run hotel of the same name on one of the city centre streets. It has 10 famous dishes of which we only ordered one as others were the type that make up a scenic picture with bits of colourful food. W... [ 更多 ]
    BusymouthBusymouth (共4篇遊記)

    Beef Pao Mo restaurant on a small street (陝西)
    Xian, near the ancient art street
    Beef Pao Mook喇2009-11-25
    Mutton Pao Mo is probably the most famous snack meal in Xian. And Beef Pao Mo is a variation. On our first night in Xian, the taxi driver told us not to have it for late night snack as it would be hard to digest and we wouldn't be able to sleep. It was on the 3rd day in Xian, while l... [ 更多 ]
    BusymouthBusymouth (共4篇遊記)

    德發長餃子痁 (陝西)
    Between the clock tower and drum tower on the main street
    Dumpling banquet笑臉2009-11-17
    It is said that Xian is the most famous place to have dumpling banquets and this is one of the most recommended restaurants. The ground floor only serves one type of dumplings and other cooked dishes, so make sure you go to the second floor which serves many types of dumpling banquets. We chose ... [ 更多 ]
    BusymouthBusymouth (共4篇遊記)

    Moslem Street, Xian (陝西)
    Moslem Street
    Snack Street- Moslem Streetok喇2009-11-14
    Moslem St was half closed but there were still lots of stalls selling dry food products like dates, nuts, snacks and road side food stalls and restaurants. Most the food had lots of chilli in it. We settled in a clean looking Moslem restaurant. We looked around and ordered 10 sticks of BB... [ 更多 ]
    BusymouthBusymouth (共4篇遊記)

    德發長 (陝西)
    京菜 (官府菜)餛飩/餃子中菜館

    太后火鍋打頭陣, 服務員在旁說:「一代表一帆風順、二代表雙喜臨門......」我得到四顆,代表四季發財,但若是一顆餃子都沒有就更好,因正代表無憂無慮呢!

    西安餃子跟東北餃子不同的地方,是蒸餃特別多。因為是吃餃子宴的老店,餃子... [ 更多 ]
    陳真陳真 (共65篇遊記)

    空港絲路餐廳 (陝西)
    跟團去西安, 晚上一到機場, 導遊一接到我們. 便帶到機場餐廳用餐. 其實沒什麼好評的, 因為旅行團包餐, 大家都知冇乜好食架啦. 而且是西安人的飲食習慣有別, 或是中旅社Cheap. 好多餸菜都是菜多肉少. 嗜肉的團友們根本吃不慣.

    酒微菜薄, 是導遊說的.......因為當時沒有為寫包括食既遊記做準備, 而且平凡的旅行餐又沒有... [ 更多 ]
    陳真陳真 (共65篇遊記)