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    Banh Mi Huynh Hao (胡志明市)
    麵包新鮮出爐,材料多分量十足,店員見你是外地人,也會細心的問你需要小辣或不辣,當地的指天椒真的很辣。價格不算便宜,要1元美金。但是,香港肯定找不到! [ 更多 ]
    TatarTatar (共11篇遊記)

    Blue Ginger越菜 (胡志明市)


    [ 更多 ]
    Fc7300Fc7300 (共3篇遊記)

    頭頓市內 (胡志明市)
    啤酒樽大隻瀨尿蝦.紅酒煮蜆.地道酸子炒蟹 [ 更多 ]
    Fc7300Fc7300 (共3篇遊記)

    美拖特色象魚 (胡志明市)
    特色得意,食就嘛嘛哋啦 [ 更多 ]
    Fc7300Fc7300 (共3篇遊記)

    順化皇帝餐 (胡志明市)
    唔係咁啱香港人口味 [ 更多 ]
    Fc7300Fc7300 (共3篇遊記)

    Saigon Saigon (胡志明市)
    Caravelle Hotel
    Night life experience笑臉2011-08-02
    Located on the top floor of the hotel, with open balcony and live band performance. Waitresses are pretty

    We were sitting by the balcony, looking out is the Opera House. Ordered a beer and cocktail, chicken wings were not good.

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    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    Quan An Ngon (胡志明市)
    160 Pasteur street
    Place for taking picturesok喇2011-08-02
    Honestly, food was just fine, nothing impressed. It's a large restaurant, quite popular for tourists, with lots of variety of choices that you can find many local dishes.

    Semi-open kitchen, with different sessions around the dining place. Making rolls, noodle, grill, etc.

    Service is ... [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    Cafe Angelina (胡志明市)
    My Cafe:-Pok喇2011-08-02

    Interesting to find a face using my name, must try it for sure. Not feeling hungry but can have a coffee, it's a small cafe by the street, open area and can get the taste of the city.

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    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    Bier Garden Restaurant (胡志明市)
    Little quiet place to eatok喇2011-08-02
    On my way back to hotel for a short break, walking along the busy street of Ham Nghi with some restaurants and shops, while it started to rain. My original plan was to find somewhere "local" but by chance, filooks cheerful and it's well decoratednding this little quiet place.

    It's well ... [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    Hog's Breathe Cafe (胡志明市)
    Bitexco Financial Center
    "IFC" in the cityok喇2011-07-31

    Located at the gound floor of the tallest building in the city, just completed and started leasing.

    It's a sports bar and restaurant serving beers and western food, pizza, pasta and steak. Both outdoor and indoor seatings, playing different sports programs.

    I ordered the Saigon Colle...

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    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)