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首爾 - 瘋狂購物之旅
國家/地點: 韓國
旅程日期: 2011-06-18 至 2011-06-20
Red Mango (首爾)
Doota, Namdaemung
Inside Doota Mall
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Black Currant Froyo
Black Currant Froyo
Shared with my beloved Mum <3
Shared with my beloved Mum <3

Since the first day I knew the word Froyo, I have been told about Red Mango. While the American says Red Mango tastes so much better than the froyo in HK, Red Mango has no branch in Hong Kong and I could not try it or compare it to any other froyo store in Hong Kong. When I spotted this branch at Doota, I immediately ran into it and had my cup.

Black Currant Froyo with Kiwi, Granola topped with Strawberry Sauce

The menu said the black currant froyo is new and it is highly recommended. The waitress handed me a cup to try and I liked it. I ordered a medium size which serves with 2 toppings to share with my mum. I chose kiwi and granola. The black currant froyo taste is refreshing, but the texture is similar to Yomama's froyo which was creamy and not tarty at all. I was a bit disappointed about that. The strawberry sauce and the granola went well with the froyo, hereas the kiwi was apparently a wrong choice since its taste didn't really match with the black currant taste.


I felt contended after having the cup. The portion was pretty generous but it was also a bit pricey when compared to the average in Hong Kong. It was around HKD$70. Anyhow, I am going to the US in Mid November and I want to try the US one and see if there is any difference!

推介菜式: Froyo
每人消費: 約70港元 (其他)
評分: 味道4   服務3   環境3   衛生3   抵食2
首爾 - 瘋狂購物之旅  (韓國)
(旅程日期: 2011-06-18 至 2011-06-20)
發表日期: 2011-09-09

6月17日零晨乘搭Asia Airline前往首爾開展我們三日兩夜的韓國之旅!

首先乘搭機場巴士6015直接抵達PJ Hotel 附近。一下車有點迷失方向,但得到一個超級好心的韓國人幫忙帶路,初時以為她是在PJ Hot...