我是Cherriehui。 我最喜愛到日本,法國,西班牙旅遊 , 最鍾意遊覽城市風貌,民俗風情,公園/遊樂場/渡假區, 住宿通常會揀5星酒店,渡假村。
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國家/地點: 西班牙
旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20
開心shares 畢業之旅^^
國家/地點: 法國, 意大利
旅程日期: 2011-06-25 至 2011-07-07
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2010-04-01 至 2010-07-13
Boldu (巴塞羅那)
Carrer Provença, 233 (amb Rambla Catalunya), 08008 Barcelona
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Open Tuna Panini
Open Tuna Panini
Cafe con Leche
Cafe con Leche
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Boldu is a great place for breakfast . They have 2 breakfast deals but you have to ask for it! They don't show it on their menu.

For 2.95, you may enjoy a coffee, a pastry and a small fresh squeezed orange juice. For the pastry, you may pick a plain croissant, a donut or a Ensaimada, which is traditional puffy sweet Bread from Baleares.

If you want something more than just a piece of dough, you may pick the 3.95 euros set, with the pastry being replaced by the small sandwich. For the sandwich, you may choose between Fuet from Vic, cheese, ham, ham and cheese. Since I am highly unlikely be satisfied by a piece of bread on its own, I chose the ham and cheese sandwich, while my friend Kitty went for a tuna panini.

After choosing which sandwich I wanted, I asked the lady if she can heat it up for me, which she kindly said yes. the bread was fresh that the crust was nice and crunchy. It was rubbed with tomato, like the Catalan Pa amb Tomaquet. The cheese inside was not as gooey as I expected after grilling, but it was very soft that It blended very well with the bread and the york ham.

My friend's Tuna Panini had tremendous amount of tuna on top. And as the biggest tuna addict, she expressed that she enjoyed it a lot.

The orange juice was so fresh, with plenty of pulpe that I felt like I was having an actual orange in liquid form! I ordered my usual Cafe con Leche, but it was slightly too strong for me. I guess I should order one with more milk next time.

Anyway, great deal to enjoy fresh bread in the morning. Straight out from the oven!


Carrer Provença, 233 (amb Rambla Catalunya), 08008 Barcelona

Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 132 (amb Rambla Prat), 08012 Barcelona

Carrer Balmes, 149, Barcelona

Carrer Mora d’Ebre, 64, 08023 Barcelona

Passeig Mare de Déu del Coll, 146, 08023 Barcelona

評分: 味道5   服務3   環境3   衛生4   抵食5
汁都撈埋之敗家大食遊巴塞  (西班牙)
(旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20)
發表日期: 2013-10-18
It's such an once in a life time experience to be able to exchange to Barcelona for my BBA degree! From August to December, I am going to live in Sant Cugat del Valles- Barcelona...
發表日期: 2014-01-25

More food to come!