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The Best of British
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2012-07-02 至 2012-07-14
Great Aussie Taste
國家/地點: 澳洲
Great Osaka Trip 2010 Winter
國家/地點: 日本
旅程日期: 2010-12-13 至 2010-12-19
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The Best of British (英格蘭)
(旅程日期: 2012-07-02 至 2012-07-14 ,  旅程性質: 觀光攝影, 消閒度假)
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發表日期: 2012-08-30
Situated in the Kensington Gardens, I definitely felt a sense of superiority and highness. 
The Orangery, as its name suggests, is a place which is surrounded by fruit trees and gardens, producing an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. What amazed me of the Orangery was its Victorian architecture, I at first thought it was the place where the Royal family lived. But I proved I was wrong, it indeed was a place serving afternoon tea, pastries and cakes, as well as lunch (though they were mainly in a small portion comparing with other restaurants).
I picked the Pimms afternoon tea, which was the most ordered and popular option. 
The Orangery generally is famous for its high tea. If you pay a visit to Kensington Gardens, it is highly suggested to have a try at this British food or you will regret a lot. 

評分: 味道4   服務4   環境5   衛生4   抵食4
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發表日期: 2012-08-30

Guess what? This was the first time I was having lunch at a bar in Adelaide. Living in this city for two days, we felt that it is totally different from what it looked like in HK. Life was more pleasurable, people were friendly, climate was so pleasant and cityscape seemed to be so tidy as well. How about the food? Honestly, I can't comment on it as I have just settled down for a couple of days.
It was the day of our exploration in the city and since I had to look for textbooks, I searched for some traditional and 'fair dinkum' Aussie cuisine. That's what made me come here and had a try at this bar. So we were allocated a seat and each ordered a menu from the lunch menu offered by the waitress. The price were generally fixed, with only one exception-the steak and seafood basket. So my friend picked the pasta and I chose the rib which came with chips and salad. After finishing it, I thought there wasn't so much surprise but I won't put it as bad either. It's just simply fine (probably I did not have any clues on how to order since I was a newcomer).
After I compared with other restaurants, I reckon it's not bad though (as some of those in HK can be much much worse). So in conclusion, I would still advise you guys to go for it but won't highly recommend it. 

評分: 味道3   服務3   環境3   衛生3   抵食4
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The Best of British (英格蘭)
(旅程日期: 2012-07-02 至 2012-07-14 ,  旅程性質: 觀光攝影, 消閒度假)
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發表日期: 2012-08-30
My dream finally came true. The trip to England and Wales actually started from the beginning of July till middle of July. I went to many places and visited many tourist sites, but the most impressive cities would be Bath and Liverpool. Though I have been to many cities, the following commentaries would only include London as it was the main theme of our trip.
This traditional British pub is located in Westminster. The closest tube (underground) station would be Charing Cross and it is also quite close to the river as well. So personally, it is strongly suggested to have a stroll after having a wonderful meal at the pub.
The Wellington usually does not require any reservations/bookings because it is not fully occupied at most of the time. After taking a seat, you will be given a menu, which comprises main menu, set meal, drinks and alcoholic beverages as well. Seriously, it would be marvelous to try all of those dishes. But the most recommended dishes are Fish and Chips (though I haven't tried it), Fish Pie and Bangers and Mash. Other meal that are popular would be Ham, Egg and Chips, which is a kind of traditional English cuisine and Shepherd's Pie.
Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant because the waiters/waitresses are very nice and hospitable and you will definitely be treated as in an inn or hotel. It is no doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had in England.
推介菜式: Bangers and Mash, Fish Pie
評分: 味道4   服務3   環境4   衛生3   抵食3
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Great Osaka Trip 2010 Winter (日本)
(旅程日期: 2010-12-13 至 2010-12-19 ,  旅程性質: 觀光攝影)
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發表日期: 2011-01-21

It was my first experience with my mom to Japan. So excited and happy. Wish that I could have the opportunity to visit such beautiful and lovable country.

nice supper 笑臉2011-01-21
It was actually as good as what the travel book said. I did not regret of paying 600 Yen for walking in such cold weather. My mom and I shared the traditional (original) one. The taste was excellent! I hoped that I could try other delicious ramen in my next visit to Osaka. It was totally worth enjoying a bowl of noodle in winter. I am lovin it.
每人消費: 約300日圓 (宵夜)
評分: 味道4   服務3   環境4   衛生3   抵食5
This desert shop was located on the fifth floor of Daimaru department shore in Shinsaibashi, the most famous shopping district in Osaka. I was so excited to find my favorite British restaurant with classical European style decoration. Every thing inside was made from dark wood, reflecting its elegance and superiority. I loved the design of the cafe and the food. We each ordered a desert after choosing a seat. I decided to have a waffle and my mom made up her mind to have a cake. Both order served with a drink. Hesitated for a while, I chose ice cream sundae specialty drink and mom just opted to have a cup of hot coffee. The service wasn't as good as I expected, I mean the waiter wasn't too eager to help us. But the overall quality was acceptable. If I had the chance, I would have chosen another cafe instead of this one. I believed the I might have been more satisfied if I had a walk to choose the one on fourth floor.
推介菜式: chocolate waffle
每人消費: 約1200日圓 (下午茶)
評分: 味道5   服務4   環境5   衛生4   抵食2

Situated in Gion, this restaurant must be the best one to taste the famous eel bento in Kyoto. Knowing that it gained popularity in many travel books as well as in Michelin guide, we opted for having a try though the price was quite costly. When we approached there, the waitress showed her hospitality by leading us to the second floor, asking us whether we preferred a tatami seat or a normal one. We chose a table and looked at the menu excitedly. As we did not know Japanese, we had to better ask for an English one. Luckily, there came a Chinese waiter, showing us what they meant and gave us a Chinese one kindly. We then made our decision to order a small and medium size grilled eel bento.
Yummy, it was so unimaginably tasty and I was kind of amazed to taste such good Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. Although this meal cost us a lot, we truly believed it was worth visiting again.

評分: 味道5   服務4   環境5   衛生5   抵食3
crossover? 笑臉2011-01-21
Before we took the sightseeing train to watch the beautiful scenery, we were still walking back and forth, wondering where should we have lunch. However, on our way to the JR station, we noticed there's a resort painted in white colour. So we stopped and had a look at the menu. We then entered the cafe style resort and both order some food. I preferred the specials of the cafe, so I decided to have curry rice served with potato salad. My mom used to be a pasta lover, therefore she chose a spaghetti with duck breast.
I really liked the design and decoration of this cafe. It gave me a relaxing and cosy feeling, comforting my nerves. In addition, this cafe was also environmentally-friendly that natural lighting was used to reduce electricity. Surprisingly, the sink was so extraordinary that I could hardly imagine the tap was for hand washing. At first I guessed it was for bathing as it looked really like a showerhead. Haha!
After a while, my order arrived. First, it was the potato salad. It tasted incredibly delicious. Then, there's my curry. The proportion of rice and curry sauce was matched. Afterward, my mom's spaghetti also looked marvelous. Though the pasta tasted a bit creamy, it was lighter than the ones in other cafes. Overall speaking, I would give an A to this restaurant for its food, service and nice decoration.
推介菜式: curry rice
每人消費: 約900日圓 (午餐)
評分: 味道5   服務5   環境5   衛生4   抵食5
dream came true 笑臉2011-01-21
This supper should be the best that I have ever tried. GionTsuriji, a sweet shop that I have been longing to try, was actually operated by Tsujiri, a famous company selling different kinds of teabag in Japan and can be found throughout Asia.
This desert shop was situated on sixth floor inside ISETAN department store in JR Kyoto Station. After finished shopping, my mom met me inside. Walking inside, I looked around, trying to see if mom had arrived. Okie dokie, I saw her waving her hands, so I found a seat. I had a brief look at menus, amused by such delicous, handcraft-like deserts, I could not make any decisions. So my mom tried to do me a favor. We got an ice cream sundae with glutinous rice balls served with green tea flavour and a red bean soup with a cup of matcha. What an excellent match.
Tonight was so unforgettable that my wish was accomplished. I have never been so joyful. In my past trips to Japan, when I noticed there's Tsujiri, I would ask if they wanted to have a try. Until now, I tried it and did not have any complaints.
The sundae was perfect, the taste of green tea flavour green tea ice cream, rice balls and crem as well as syrup at the bottom was absolutely an enjoyment in my life. Red bean paste soup then? Mmmm... the red bean paste soup was good and matcha tasted wonderful. Most important, please don't ignore the smallest part--konbu, or so-called kelp was served as the ending of the soup+matcha.
Overall, I would give a 100/100. Excellent!
每人消費: 約1000日圓 (宵夜)
評分: 味道5   服務5   環境5   衛生5   抵食4
last meal 笑臉2011-01-21
Last dinner? Nope, but it's the last meal that we had in Japan. So we chose a traditional Japanese restaurant and each had a lunch set. I had an udon with konnyaku also with rice. My mom preferred more solid food so she ordered a plain udon with shrimp tempura rice. Overall speaking, the taste was quite good with a medium fare.
每人消費: 約950日圓 (午餐)
評分: 味道5   服務4   環境4   衛生4   抵食5
great donut 笑臉2011-01-21

Krispy Kreme, Mister Donuts or Dunkin Donuts are famous donut shops in Japan and Taiwan while the former one I have tried in HK. But Doughnut Plant? The name seemed quite unfamiliar but it can be seen in Korea. In fact, this shop was located inside a coffee shop. Crossover? Kind of. But I really appreciated it. In fashion, the term 'crossover' was commonly seen, but it has expanded its influence to food industries recently. Entering Starbucks coffee shop, the thing that made me amazed was not the good, awesome smell. Instead, the doughnuts surprised me because I have never expected I could see a DPNYC inside an outlet. Then, I got a Triple Valrhona Chocolate, which was only one left.

每人消費: 約280日圓
評分: 味道4   服務4   環境4   衛生4   抵食3
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