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我是HK Epicurus。 我最喜愛到日本,西班牙,英格蘭旅遊 。
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France Paris Desserts Trip
國家/地點: 法國
旅程日期: 2012-06-13 至 2013-01-22
英國吃 Gastropub
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2012-07-11 至 2012-07-13
France Paris Desserts Trip (法國)
(旅程日期: 2012-06-13 至 2013-01-22 ,  旅程性質: 商務公幹, 消閒度假)
 整個旅程  (共17篇遊記)
發表日期: 2013-01-20
- Fraise Coquelicot (Strawberry with Poppy Seed),
Salted Caramel,  Fleur d’Oranger (Orange Blossom) - 
I have been eating macaron gerbets for a long time,  but after so many visits to here and other shops, I have got to say Laduree is consistently the one to beat.  Call me biased.  Call me uneducated.  I know there are shops which does better fillings than here and I appreciate them.  But the texture is always textbook perfect here despite adopting the Italian Meringue method nowadays.   The weakness lies in the slightly non-natural tasting fillings.  I am happy to compromise though ~  9/10

- Plaisir Sucre -
A little dense and nutty chocolate.   It was good but it wasn’t exceptional either.  ~  7/10

- - Jardin Bleu Royal Tea - 
Made with non-smoked Chinese and Indian Tea,  with additional Rhubarb and Wild Strawberries flavours,  scattered with Corn Flower and Helianthus Petals.   Suggested by the staff as I have exhausted my list here,  this was very enjoyable actually as it is exuberating that fruitiness fragrance with elegance.  It is not easy to find good teas outside of France,  it’s all about the tea culture. (UK teas I think are more up front in style in comparison but also great, but less blending.)   

- Lemon & Lime Guimauve Macarons,  Liquorice, Strawberry Candy Guimauve -
Very impossibly good!  Some people find Laduree macarons a little confectionary.  So might as well order their more candy like flavours.  All pretty decent and yes, candy like.   8//10

Rose Petal and Strawberry Jam -
Anyone want to share with me?  I only bought 2 jars and already gave out 1 to a friend !  6/10
評分: 味道4   服務4   環境4   衛生4   抵食3
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