我是AngelinaS。 我是一名Executive Search and Networking Service Consultant。 我最喜愛到日本,泰國,意大利旅遊 , 最鍾意遊覽自然景觀,歷史建築/遺跡,展覽館/博物館,動物園/植物園/水族館, 住宿通常會揀5星酒店,渡假村。
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Ho Chi Minh City
國家/地點: 越南
旅程日期: 2011-07-27 至 2011-07-30
Short Break-Bangkok
國家/地點: 泰國
旅程日期: 2011-05-10 至 2011-05-12
Okinawa-6 days
國家/地點: 日本
旅程日期: 2011-03-14 至 2011-03-19
Short Break-Bangkok (泰國)
(旅程日期: 2011-05-10 至 2011-05-12 ,  旅程性質: 飲食購物)
 整個旅程  (共3篇遊記)
發表日期: 2011-05-13
Bangkok is always an ideal destination for short break, say just 3 days 2 nights. 2 hours flight, no need to plan and just get the air-tickets and reserve hotel in a few hours, then GO!

This time, a friend was going there for business trip and I just bought the airtickets and share the room, what a nice saving plan

Have visited Bangkok for over 10 times, so I don't have any place to visit in mind, just want to relax. The only missions are to try 2 great restaurants here, Breeze and Bo.Lan, Spa at Divana Spa.

Tasting menu
Tasting menu
mushroom soup
mushroom soup
sea bass
sea bass
prime angus beef with rice
prime angus beef with rice
Booked a week in advance by email, got the best view seating at the balcony with my friend; just 2 of us. It's like private dining room, Perfect!

Located on the 52 floor at State Tower, weather was so nice to have breeze and not too hot, clear sky and lively streets in the city.

From the moment we entered the building, premier service standard and smiles from all staff made us feel great! Waitress uniform is beautifully designed, architecture is kind of masterpeice with detailed layout.

Waitress pleasantly show us the wine menu, Chef's tasting menu, a la carte as well as drinks menu. This is my first time here, it's for sure a good choice to have the tsating menu. It's 4,500 for the set and $6,500 with wine paring.

Appetizer-foie gras with salmon roe and lobster with caviar, so good
Soup-choose either shark fin soup or musroom soup. My friend chose shark fin one, I don't eat shark fin so I had the musroom soup, very nice. There was prwn dumpling in it with spanich
First course-sea bass, high standard
Main course-I had the prime angus beef and my friend changed it to lobaster, both were excellent
Dessert-green team chocolate, nicely presented

As my friend was coming for meeting, cannot take the wine pairing and we had 2 cocktails. No disappointment, they made it seriously.

Always have fine dining in HK, but with high quality of food and service plus the view, it becomes a must-try.

Many people's first comment would be, were there all foreigners? I'm happy to say, NO. There are some Westerners, but larger proportion of customers are Asians. Don't be so shallow that only Westerners can spend, nowadays, you can always see Asians around in most splurge places.
推介菜式: Tasting menu
每人消費: 約5,200泰銖 (晚餐)
評分: 味道4   服務5   環境5   衛生5   抵食4
from the balcony
from the balcony
Next to a commercial building Emporium Tower and a famous high-end shopping mall, Emporium. Very convinient to have the sky train next to it and taxi always available.

Because it's not a hotel, it's a serviced apartment that suitable for long-stay, the room layout offers a home-feel with spacious bedroom, big balcony, living room and a big kitchen (bigger than ordinary apartments in HK). It's just another choice out of 5-stars hotels that I stayed before, such as The Sukhothai Hotel, The Dusit Thani, Banyan Tree, etc. Not Thai traditionally decorated, but it can be a "home".

Swimming pool is not bad, went to swim in the morning after breakfast. Breakfast is not really good there, compare to other hotels; but there are cafes around.
其他消費: WiFi
評分: 設備3   服務3   環境4   衛生5   抵住3
Located on the 65th floor, it's kinda very top in Bangkok although it sounds not compare to many high-rise buildings in HK. It's real masterpiece of architect, Rome style with a bar in the middle of a upper splitted floor.

People dressed up here and party, excellent live band performance under the beautiful is so good!

Will try their food next time!
評分: 味道4   服務5   環境5   衛生5   抵食4
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