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    Pantheon (巴黎)

    The Panthéon (Latin: Pantheon,[1] from Greek Pantheon, meaning "Every god") is a building in the Latin Quarter in Paris, containing the remains of distinguished French citizens.

    In 1744, King Louis XV of France suffered from a seri...

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    Marche Bastille (巴黎)
    Marche Bastille笑臉2010-08-12
    Marche Bastille [ 更多 ]
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    Pont on Seine (巴黎)
    Pont on Seine笑臉2010-08-12
    Pont on Seine [ 更多 ]
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    Moulin Rouge (巴黎)
    Moulin Rouge笑臉2010-08-12
    Moulin Rouge (French pronunciation: [mulɛ̃ ʁuʒ], Red Mill) is a cabaret built in 1889 by Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia. Close to Montmartre in the Paris red-light district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement... [ 更多 ]
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    Paris from Eiffle Tower (巴黎)
    Paris from Eiffle Tower笑臉2010-08-12
    Paris from Eiffle Tower [ 更多 ]
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    Eiffel Tower (巴黎)
    Eiffel Tower 笑臉2010-08-12

    The structure was built between 1887 and 1889 as the entrance arch for the Exposition Universelle, a World's Fair marking the centennial celebration of the French Revolution. Three hundred workers joined together 18,038 pieces of puddled iron (a very pure form of structural iron), us...

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    Pont Alexandre (巴黎)
    Pont Alexandre 笑臉2010-08-12
    The Pont Alexandre bridge is one of the most attractive bridges in the French capital.  It crosses the Seine near the Grand Palais (i.e. the glass roofed building in the distance). [ 更多 ]
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    Passage de Panorama (巴黎)
    Passage de Panorama 笑臉2010-08-12
     Passage de Panorama [ 更多 ]
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    Lafayette (巴黎)
    Lafayette [ 更多 ]
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    聖圖安跳蚤市場 Marche aux puces St-Ouen (巴黎)
    Porte de Clignancourt下車
    要說巴黎規模最大的跳蚤市場,應該就是聖圖安跳蚤市場Marche aux puces St-Ouen吧!要遊的話,我就選一個最大的。

    一早起床,陽光充沛,在酒店吃過自助早餐,我們乘Metro的4號線,到達尾站的Porte de Clignancourt下車,一出站外已經看到前往市集的人潮,我想...巴黎人也喜歡到這想尋寶吧!

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