我是Cherriehui。 我最喜愛到日本,法國,西班牙旅遊 , 最鍾意遊覽城市風貌,民俗風情,公園/遊樂場/渡假區, 住宿通常會揀5星酒店,渡假村。
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國家/地點: 西班牙
旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20
開心shares 畢業之旅^^
國家/地點: 法國, 意大利
旅程日期: 2011-06-25 至 2011-07-07
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2010-04-01 至 2010-07-13
Tickets (巴塞羅那)
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Pistachio Tempura
Pistachio Tempura
Tickets' Olive S
Tickets' Olive S
Crostini with Tomato Seeds and Cantabrian Anchovy
Crostini with Tomato Seeds and Cantabrian Anchovy
Mini Airbag Stuffed with Manchego Cheese Foam
Mini Airbag Stuffed with Manchego Cheese Foam
Air Baguette with Jamon Canario
Air Baguette with Jamon Canario
Quail Egg with Its Nest
Quail Egg with Its Nest
Tuna in Cones
Tuna in Cones
Oyster No.5 with Ponzu Sauce and Salmon Roe
Oyster No.5 with Ponzu Sauce and Salmon Roe
Having heard so much about El Bulli, the world best restaurant for years, I have been looking forward to try its tapas at the Ticket's Bar for MONTHS!

If you are as foodie as I am and you are planning to visit Barcelona next month, and you haven't made any reservations yet, you can basically drop the idea and starting planning for your next trip because you need to book your table at least 2 months in advance. Well you may also bet on your luck, wait outside the restaurant and try to see if anyone will drop out on the day. Reservations are only opened 2 months before so you can not book it right in advance, and make sure you pick up the phone call from the restaurant few days before your booking as they may cancel your booking without your confirmation!

In Tickets, you and your party will each be given a fancy menu (which will cost you 18 euros to buy if you are so keen to keep a copy). You may order each dish from the menu, or you can tell the waiter that serves your table the budget per ahead you prefer, what food you are allergic or do not prefer, and they will bring out whatever surprises you.

It was like a farewell dinner for my group of exchange friends together with our most admired history and art teacher Alex. We went in a group of 6 (the maximum number of seats you can book) and we had a budget of 50 euros per head. We had 15 dishes in total and we also ordered two bottles of cava to share.

The first apetizer was this pistachio tempura. There were around 8-10 pieces in each bag. The coating was very light, the nut of crunchy and delicious. However it depends whether you value this bag of nuts as much as 3.60 euros each.

The Tickets' Olive-S was quite interesting. It had a thin layer of gelatine filled with olive juice that just bursted in my mouth when you press against the gelatine coat. We tried two version, one with some spice and the other one with rosemary. They look almost identical but I think my favourite was the herb one.

The crostini with Tomato Seeds and Cantabrian Anchovy was quite impressive. The bread snap was crunchy, while the anchovy was of high quality. The marinated fish was flavourful, slightly sweet without that unwanted fishy taste that everyone tries to avoid. The tomato seed was refreshing and lucious that went well with the anchovy. Even Sophia who was not a big fan of anchovy said she found this pretty good!

I liked the Mini Airbag Stuffed with Manchego Cheese Foam. This bite-size tapa was made with a delicate airy puff that cracked into pieces easily, letting the cheese foam inside to slowly dissolve in the mouth. How lovely...

The air baguette was totally, and I mean completely(!) hollow inside! it was just like a bread shell wrapped round with Jamon Canario, the one Spanish ham that is cooked, from the Canaria Islands. It was very light indeed and the paprika on top really gave it a kick. It was something differed from the usual Jamon Iberico.

Quail Egg with Its Nest was outstandingly good, and it was Kevin's favourite. The boiled quail egg was still runny inside and the rich egg yolk again like the olive bursted out in the mouth. It was topped with a tinsy bit of wasabi mayonaise which surprisingly worked perfect together! The nest was crunchy and it was just marvellous with the gooey egg yolk!

The tuna in ones was a little like the Japanese Temaki, with chopped raw tuna cubes in a seaweed and crepe cone. What made it special was the crepe cone as it enriched the texture of that entire bite.

It was the first time I tried fresh oysters being served with ponzu sauce and salmon roe. Ponzu sauce is the type of vingre that the Japanese use to marinate its pickle. The ponzu sauce together with the roe enhanced the sweetness of the oyster. It was so fresh and scrumptious!

評分: 味道5   服務5   環境5   衛生4   抵食3
汁都撈埋之敗家大食遊巴塞  (西班牙)
(旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20)
發表日期: 2013-10-18
It's such an once in a life time experience to be able to exchange to Barcelona for my BBA degree! From August to December, I am going to live in Sant Cugat del Valles- Barcelona...
發表日期: 2014-01-25

More food to come!