我是Cherriehui。 我最喜愛到日本,法國,西班牙旅遊 , 最鍾意遊覽城市風貌,民俗風情,公園/遊樂場/渡假區, 住宿通常會揀5星酒店,渡假村。
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國家/地點: 西班牙
旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20
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國家/地點: 法國, 意大利
旅程日期: 2011-06-25 至 2011-07-07
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2010-04-01 至 2010-07-13
Rosa Negra (巴塞羅那)
Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona, España
Metro L1 Urquinaona Station
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Funky Mejico! 笑臉2014-01-25
Frozon Magaritas
Frozon Magaritas
Chicken Tacos with Guacamole
Chicken Tacos with Guacamole
Shrimp and Mushroom Quasadilla
Shrimp and Mushroom Quasadilla
Pork Burrito
Pork Burrito
Beef Burrito
Beef Burrito
Taco Variety
Taco Variety
Grilled Beef Taco
Grilled Beef Taco
Rosa Negra is one of my favourite restaurant in Barcelona. The mexican food they serve is of great value, and the atmosphere of this place really makes everyone forgeting all fine-dining cliché and enjoy the hype with a large group of friends.

All frozen Margarita and Mojitos were 3.50 euros each. HOW CHEAP! and they were of pretty good quality. Not being a huge fan of mint, I always loved my margaritas. For margarita, they have the good old lemon flavour, passion fruit, strawberry and tangerine. There were also original mojito and raspberry mojito available.

Burritos. Were AMAZING. The portions were huge and the meat instead was always juicy, lucious and flavourful. The pork one was served with a little bit of rice rolled inside but you really won't notice it unless you take a close look, while the grilled beef one had some mash rolled in. The pork was scrumpious and the beef tasted like steak cubes. There were plentiful of meat and both were superb! Mind you for a group of girls, one piece of burrito can fill each of you up easily. Not a wise choice to each order a portion of burrito!

Tacos were not bad too. I have some doubt about the chicken and guacamole one as I found the chicken pieces slightly dry and tasteless. Though the slow-cooked beef was my favourite. It was served with tomato salsa, and the shredded beef was so juicy that the juice just keep dripping through the thin tortillas! You may also pick the grilled beef one. It is served with an extremely spicy sauce which my warning is be safe with it. It is not like the Chinese spice where it is spicy but at the same give some extra aroma to the dish. This one ONLY KILLS YOUR TONGUE. FULL STOP. I believe the grilled beef was so much nicer in burritos than in tacos.

If you have a decision-making problem just like I do, you may also order the taco variety, so you can try all tacos available on the menu.

I shared with my friends this quesadilla with shrimps and mushrooms. It didn't look like the ones we get in American restaurants, but who cares? It tasted good! The toasted tortilla was soft, and what filled inside were a tremendous amount of cheese, shrimps and mushroom. It was an interesting combination. Finally there was something other meat options. We were no longer carnivores for once!

If you ever got bored of Spanish food in Barcelona but don't want to be cheated in all those "Asian" place, this is where you want to be!

Address: Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona, España
評分: 味道5   服務4   環境5   衛生4   抵食5
汁都撈埋之敗家大食遊巴塞  (西班牙)
(旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20)
發表日期: 2013-10-18
It's such an once in a life time experience to be able to exchange to Barcelona for my BBA degree! From August to December, I am going to live in Sant Cugat del Valles- Barcelona...
發表日期: 2014-01-25

More food to come!