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    共找到 121 項資料 ,正顯示第 91 至 100 項資料
    首里城 (沖繩)

    - 在首里駅下車後需步行15分鐘左右才到首里城。也可以計程車,司機說500日元就可以送我們過去,但我們選擇了漫步。
    - 走了5分鐘後見到一個單車出租店,1000日元2個小時;1500日元4個小時,還有是以前未騎過的Panasonic電動單車,所以就決定租了4個小時。
    - 首里城門票800日元,出... [ 更多 ]
    TatarTatar (共11篇遊記)

    Naha Airport (沖繩)
    內陸航站樓很熱鬧,有不同的餐廳和土產店,日本人要買很多土產送禮的土產的種類很多很齊全,在那霸市買的不夠的話,可以預留時間在離開前再到內陸航站樓買個夠才上飛機。 [ 更多 ]
    TatarTatar (共11篇遊記)

    JA天然温泉アロマ (沖繩)
    901-2223 沖縄県宜野湾市大山7丁目7−1
    Hot Spring, cannot miss笑臉2011-03-20
    The only traditional style hot spring there, offering both indoor and outdoor pool; and salk sauna...well equiped with modern facilities. Highly recommended. [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    殘波岬 (沖繩)
    Feel the ocean笑臉2011-03-20
    There is a tower to climb up, great view to enjoy the ocean [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    琉球村 (沖繩)
    904-0416 沖縄県恩納村字山田1130
    Cultural village 笑臉2011-03-20
    It's a place to experience the tradition of Okinawa, to see how's the housing and interior of the old days, folk dancing, living style, etc. Once I arrived, the folk dance performance started and it's great! at last, they invited everyone there to join, and I had great fun there.

    Having a cu... [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    座喜味城跡 (沖繩)
    Historical site笑臉2011-03-20
    Rocks wall, impressive! The scene is so grand that cannot be missed. There are a lot information to share in the museum, everything has it's value and it offers a chance for me to understand the place. [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    国際通 (沖繩)
    Shopping Center笑臉2011-03-20
    Exciting place to visit, a lot funny stuff and the best place do shopping.

    One of the highly recommend shop is located in the street market, called 海想, accessories are made of natural materials from the ocean such as shark's teeth bones, shell. Some textile products such as t-shirts, are ... [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    護國寺 (沖繩)
    One of the largest templeok喇2011-03-20

    Another temple just next to 波上宫, it's one of the largest temples there. It's worth to go if you like cultural experience

    [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    波上宫 (沖繩)
    One of the oldest templeok喇2011-03-20
    Experience the tradition of Japanese temple. From entering the temple, learning how to wash hands before praying and the steps of making wishes...the original of the temple, the story behind. [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)

    Neo Park (沖繩)
    Nago City
    For animals lovers笑臉2011-03-20
    Can choose both or either mini train touring or walking track, to see many beautiful birds and animals [ 更多 ]
    AngelinaSAngelinaS (共10篇遊記)