我是Cherriehui。 我最喜愛到日本,法國,西班牙旅遊 , 最鍾意遊覽城市風貌,民俗風情,公園/遊樂場/渡假區, 住宿通常會揀5星酒店,渡假村。
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國家/地點: 西班牙
旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20
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國家/地點: 法國, 意大利
旅程日期: 2011-06-25 至 2011-07-07
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2010-04-01 至 2010-07-13
Tapa Tapa Arenas (巴塞羅那)
Gran Vía De les Corts Catalanes, 373 C Cial Arenas, 08015 Barcelona ‎
93 292 46 44
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Menu at the Bar!
Menu at the Bar!
Goat Cheese and Lettuce Salad in Vinaigrette Dressing
Goat Cheese and Lettuce Salad in Vinaigrette Dressing
Tortilla Canape
Tortilla Canape
Triple Cheese Risotto
Triple Cheese Risotto
Crispy Shrimps
Crispy Shrimps
Triple Cheese Croquettes
Triple Cheese Croquettes
Trio Mini Burgers
Trio Mini Burgers
If in the middle of the day you seriously craving for good tapas at a good deal, and if you are around Pl. Espanya, you must visit the Tapa Tapa Arenas!

With almost exactly the same menu, Tapa Tapa at Arenas offers an exclusive lunch menu at the bar that the one at Passeig de Gracia does not. By only paying 8.50 euros (IVA inclusive), you can enjoy a canape, 3 tapas, a drink and a coffee. Although you can not choose from everything on the A La Cart menu, with less than 9 euros you can basically have 4 tapas in total PLUS a drink PLUS a coffee. How brilliant is that? If you go with somebody else, you can taste many more dishes too!

I went with two girls after researching for our history project on Montjuïc. We were seriously served to death!!!!! (well at least I was) And after arriving Tapa Tapa, it was like heaven to me! Each of us ordered a lunch menu at the bar. For the canape, you can choose from Tortilla or Crab Salad Canapes. I went for the  Tortilla because I just love Spanish Tortilla and as mentioned in earlier post, crab salad in Tapa Tapa is made of crab stick which I don't really fancy. The Tortilla Canape served here was as good as the one served in the other Tapa Tapa on Passeig de Gracia. The potato is soft and it absorbed all the delicious eggy flavour.

Then three of us ordered some tapas to share including Goat Cheese and Lettuce Salad in Vinaigrette Dressing, Triple Cheese Risotto, Triple Cheese Croquettes (Don't we just love cheese hahaha), Crispy Shrimps and Trio Mini Burgers.

Goat Cheese and Lettuce Salad in Vinaigrette Dressing is in fact not too heavy and greasy afterall. The strong goat cheese went amazingly well with the slightly sweet Vinigrette Dressing and the raisins, while the lettuce really reduce the guilt. At a salad, it was far from watery as well. I would prefer more lettuce though it is a nice salad indeed.

Three Cheese Risotto is so delicious if you love cheese as much as I do! In the risotto, they have gorgonzala, emmental and brie. It's more of a French style I would say, but brie and emmental are definitely few of my all-time favourite cheese. The Risotto is just sososo cheesy, and they have some gooey brie bits mixed inside the risotto which made it even more evil-like. The texture of the risotto was also fantastically chewy but NOT RAW! The portion is pretty huge as a tapa size too.

Three Cheese Croquettes is also nice and mushy. The cheese flavour is quite outstanding as well, but I can not really distinguish what types of cheese are there. Anyway there were served pipping hot and it was yum.

Crispy Shrimps is the only tapa I have doubt with. The Batter Coating was light and crunchy, but the shrimps were absolutely tasteless. Minimal seasonings, not to mention the natural sweetness of fresh seafood. I would not be surprise that tapas bars use frozen seafood, but I guess with a little more seasoning it would help lifting the flavour. I just needed the Tartare sauce so much.

Trio Mini Burger were juicy and flavourful. The taste was beefy and it went very well with all the toppings on top. My favourite one is the mustard. Well mustard and beef are always best friends, aren't they?

Once we are done with tapas, we were already so stuffed. For the coffee, I was solely expecting espresso or our Spanish "famous" Café con Leche (which is just Coffee with milk). However we actually got to choose from quite a range and I got my capuccino! In Barcelona, when you order Capuccino, unless you are in Starbucks for the world's more watery-tasted Cap, usually they turned out to be espresso with layers of froth on top. If you are not comfortable with such strong coffee like me, make sure you give your cap a good stir, an INTENSE STIR. Because otherwise you will end up enjoying all the fluffy and sweet froth with the chocolate power on top, and then finding yourself ended up with a cup of "24 mai" (Chinese most bitter herbal soup) in front of you. I am so going for the safest Café con Leche next time!!!!

Anyway it was a lovely tapas lunch experience. Go there if you need cheap and quality tapas during the day!
每人消費: 約9歐元
評分: 味道5   服務5   環境4   衛生4   抵食5
汁都撈埋之敗家大食遊巴塞  (西班牙)
(旅程日期: 2013-08-27 至 2013-12-20)
發表日期: 2013-10-18
It's such an once in a life time experience to be able to exchange to Barcelona for my BBA degree! From August to December, I am going to live in Sant Cugat del Valles- Barcelona...
發表日期: 2014-01-25

More food to come!