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France Paris Desserts Trip
國家/地點: 法國
旅程日期: 2012-06-13 至 2013-01-22
英國吃 Gastropub
國家/地點: 英格蘭
旅程日期: 2012-07-11 至 2012-07-13
France Paris Desserts Trip (法國)
(旅程日期: 2012-06-13 至 2013-01-22 ,  旅程性質: 商務公幹, 消閒度假)
 整個旅程  (共17篇遊記)
發表日期: 2013-01-20
Not often do I give a place,  a perfect mark.  But I think they have done more than enough to attract the crowd and be given due credit.   The owners of Hugo & Victor were either trained in Pierre Herme or 3 Starred Michelin restaurants such as Le Bristol and subsequently at Guy Savoy,  and the other partner was working in the jewelry field.   Hence the beautiful display of the pastries and chocolates here.   This pastry shop was definitely one of the best shops I have visited recently.   

-  Pistache – Euro 5.20
This is a St Honore choux pastry with Pistachio based flavour,  with Pistachio Chantilly Cream, roasted Pistachio and a Mille-Feuille Pastry which was at the top of it’s game with a caramelised top layer.  ~  9/10-

- Pamplemousse Tart 
The tart pastry case was more on the hard side but succumbed to pressure when it mattered and broke into the right pieces.  The slightly bitter pieces of Grapefruit as already forewarned by the English sign was spot-on.   This was a bit hard overall but flavour wise was so balanced.  Encore ~  9.5/10

- Mango Ice Cream and White Chocolate Crisp Pie 
Can’t rave enough about this.  The mango flavour was spot on and the white chocolate coating on top was so summery and balanced.  The slightly savoury biscuity base was equally good.  ~  9/10 

- Salted Caramel Macaron
In terms of flavour,  this was on my personal opinion the best Salted Caramel Macaron I tried so far.  ~  12/10

- The Financiers were unfortunately, as good as they say it is… 
It had a bitey and caramelised exterior,  and the sponge cake inside was perfectly balanced between dense and fluffy,  with buttery goodness.   Never did I knew Financiers can become this good.  Lucky I did plan with foresight this time around and researched…  ~  10/10 
每人消費: 約25歐元 (下午茶)
評分: 味道5   服務4   環境5   衛生5   抵食5
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