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Trip to England (One Month)
國家/地點: 西班牙, 英格蘭, 瑞士
旅程日期: 2010-07-21 至 2010-08-18
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Trip to England (One Month) (西班牙, 英格蘭, 瑞士)
(旅程日期: 2010-07-21 至 2010-08-18 ,  旅程性質: 探訪親友, 消閒度假)
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發表日期: 2013-01-16

London is a fascinating city. I have always heard that London is the centre of Europe and centralizes all specialities of this continent. I finally have the chance to tour this magical place! With great exhilaration, I flew with Singapore Airlines from eight a.m. THe airline provided great service. Everything was fantastic! The television displayed many scenic spots of London as well as some good tips for dining there. After landing London Heathrow Airport, although I recognize London as brilliant, I still consider its airport as very very crowded. Wherever I go there is people. The hustle and bustle make me dizzy and I even forgot where I went when heading the immigration office. Anyhow, I managed to enjoy the fabulous shopping of Terminal 3 and bought a map for my travel. Even though I am going to visit my cousins and grandparents brought up in London, I still want to explore this place by myself! Hope I can regain my strength tomorrow!

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