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    The Pizza Piano (巴黎)
    巴黎 (一) 邪惡的燴牛膝笑臉2013-09-15

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    Le Jeroboam (巴黎)
    72, rue Didot 75014 Paris
    +33 01 45 39 39 13

    Le Jeroboam係一間warm & cozy的餐廳,環境舒適雅緻,不過唔覺有冷氣,啱啱入去會有d熱。侍應生親切有禮,屬於值得給小費的程度。坐低之... [ 更多 ]
    屈米米屈米米 (共2篇遊記)

    Le Louris IX (巴黎)

    5月5日, 今天打算到Notre Dame旁邊小島, 嘗嘗傳說中巴黎最美味的雪糕Berthillon. 按網路上的地址到了Berthillon, 晴天霹靂, 竟然沒營業!! 門口的Notice寫著到5月10日才營業, 一定是老闆襯法國長假期跑去玩了. 本來打算下次再來, 但發現旁邊多間餐廳的門口都排著長長的人龍, 都是買Berthillon雪...

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    屈米米屈米米 (共2篇遊記)

    Ledoyen (巴黎)
    1, Avenue Dutuit, Paris, France (Champs-Élysées)
    Ledoyen - A 3* Institution and Beyond笑臉2013-02-23
    One of the oldest institutions in Paris’s Haute Cuisine fine dining scene,  I locked in this restaurant to visit and after a 2nd try was finally granted my wish.   After consulting friends and foodies who visit Parisfrequently,  it was interesting many of them also mentio... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    La Creperie de Josselin (巴黎)
    67 Rue du Montparnasse 75014 Paris
    01 43 20 93 50
    Still my preferred Crepes and Galettes in Paris笑臉2013-02-19
    A famous Crepe street on Rue du Montparnasse,  there weren’t so many Asian faces that I had come to anticipate compared to the likes of Laduree or Angelina.    As someone who has a crepe fetish,  I have imprinted this street into my mind as the 1st place t... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Breizh Cafe Creperie (巴黎)
    109 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris, France
    Hottest Creperie in Paris and Japan?笑臉2013-02-03
    Breizh Café seems to be the hottest Creperie in Paris nowadays,  and many foodies have been carrying this on their lips.  The brand also has outlets in Cancale in Brittany,  and also in Japan.    The menu planning is sensational indeed,  carrying anything from the freshe... [ 更多 ]
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    Mariage Freres (巴黎)
    Mariage Frères, 99 Rue de Rivoli, Louvre, Paris 75001
    +33 1 40 20 18 54
    Beautiful Teas and Great Brulee Tart笑臉2013-02-02
     Mariage Freres doesn’t need much introduction.  It is one of the best known global teas in the world and if that isn’t convincing enough,  they were given a prime spot inside The Louvre to represent the best of the best of French Teas.

    Rose d’Himalaya -
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    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Dalloyau Salon de thé (巴黎)
    Bastille 5, boulevard Beaumarchais - 75004 Paris M Bastille
    01 45 77 84 27
    Original Inventor of the Opera Cake.笑臉2013-01-28
    Dalloyau is one of the most oldest and traditional style French food shops dating back to 1682,  but seems to have dropped off the radar or lost its lustre during recent years.  They’re not making much noise lately.  Yet, they continue to garner a big following in it’s Japan outle... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)

    Lenotre (巴黎)
    Quite a few shops available in Paris
    全世界最巨名氣的 Lenotre ! 笑臉2013-01-21
    I must first admit that for some reason,  my mind never associated this shop with the prestigious pastry school and Michelin restaurants headed by Gaston Lenotre,  who passed away in recent years.   May be my French is so poor I assumed many shops might end up with similar name... [ 更多 ]
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    Jacques Genin (巴黎)
    133, rue de Turenne 75003
    Jacques Genin is about being a Perfectionist笑臉2013-01-21
     I have wanted to check out this place since it opened just from a few years back but felt sick and stayed mostly in the hotel.  Please be warned 1stly,  the Opening Hours googled online don’t really reflect the true opening hours, sigh.  I found out the hard way but luckily ... [ 更多 ]
    HK EpicurusHK Epicurus (共22篇遊記)