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克羅地亞 [ 轉換國家/地點 ]
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360 Degree by Jeffrey Vella (克羅地亞)
多國菜Fusion 菜
360 度欣賞古城風貌ok喇2012-08-27
杜布羅夫尼克的意大利和地中海菜館實在多不勝數,但 fine dining 餐廳卻可算是寥寥可數,於今年開業的 360 degree 正是少數中的其中之一。

餐廳老闆和總廚 Jeffrey Vella 的名字在亞洲比較陌生,但在克羅地亞卻頗負盛名。出生於馬爾他的 Jeffrey 曾任職於克羅地亞的五星級酒店,最擅長是煮新派的歐陸菜。餐廳取... [ 更多 ]
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Capuciner, Zagreb (克羅地亞)
There isn't much to do in the capital of Croatia..2009-07-29
But if you're travelling from Slovenia to Split or Dubrovnik you're bound to make a stop here. If you're staying the night, please don't stay in Hostel Lika unless you're real short, or if you don't mind curling up in a bed a size smaller than you really are. Also the management is certai... [ 更多 ]
stevozstevoz (共1篇遊記)